About me

Hi All! That’s me behind Marsha Chang Photography, All 5’0 of me – I have spent almost a decade meeting families and couples to document their life and love – That is what makes my heart sing. I’ve lived in Minnesota all of my life. Born in good ol’ Rochester. I have a huge family – all 11 of us total. I absolutely love having so many siblings but I don’t think I could ever be as cool as my mom. I only have 3 of my own – Amerie, Vincent and Mila. & When you don’t see me with my kids, I am with my high school sweetheart Andrew. He’ll sometime tag along with me shooting details or assisting me with my camera bags! Other things I am a huge fan of besides my bubbly family and home decor obsession — My faith, calligraphy / lettering, red wine when I wanna’ wineee down and beer when I don’t wanna care (Tried to find a word to rhyme with beer, ha), quiet time, watercoloring, coffee AND tea, a good sweaty jog, nature, golden light in the AM/PM, sunflares, laughter and really not lastly… being a good friend & making new friends, 100%.

The last thing I want you to have to worry about is a photographer who’s work and personality doesn’t clash with you. My clients in the past have connected with me to capture their wedding or lifestyle session fully on trust. I work best with the nontraditional and adventurous. Families who want to be captured in their natural state – with little guidance for poses and more guidance on experiencing that moment of LIFE in one frame at a time. My couples who marry typically do in nature (although I have a spot for all you indoor couples!) and couples who write their own vows. Back to my families, who want their child/ren to run free and show their personalities! Couples who envision their wedding different and intimate. As you can see, my clients typically want natural images that speak story telling, and don’t mind if photos are dark, moodier feel, or artistically overexposed, blurred on purpose / movement or a bit grainy – they understand that is what makes my work raw and a one of a kind story telling photo of THEM. They aren’t afraid to climb, let their child/ren explore, get their shoes and dress a little dirty. They treat me like a friend and trust my vision IS their vision. I want my clients to have the best images of THEM for years to come.


Look around & when your ready, shoot me a message, I’d love to connect with you. Stay fabulous!

– Marsha

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