I met Salith through facebook last year when I took photos of my friends family portraits. Since then we reconnected and FINALLY schedules her family portraits :) We went to the plummer house located in Rochester that is quite a popular place to take photos at. All of my clients love that location and always ask to take their photos there. Although, we were limited of taking photos in certain areas, we got a whole lot of great shots! Eventually, we went to a different area that both Salith and I liked – it has an awesome bridge located right smack in the middle of a mossy- looking  out for it in their photos!

I gotta say for the hundreth time, Salith and Sieng have a beautiful family!

All of her kids were adorable and fun to be around, they definitely had me laughing throughout the session :) which is why I love taking photos of children. The kids made the session fun and easy even though they were tired and cranky of taking photos, I enjoyed every moment! Special thanks to Salith’s oldest sister! She definitely lended a helping hand with the kids :) She also helped the kids look at cameras which is normally the hardest part of working with kids!

& Thanks Salith & Sieng for letting me take your family portraits!

so let me introduce you to the lovely family already! :)

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