Makeover Monday’s! I really wanted to do this for those who ask how I get my photos to look a certain way.  Not only that,  I adore my fans/fellow photographers who have the same passion as I do and would like extra support.  A big thank you <3 To get to the point, I’m guessing some Monday’s I’ll go into depth and some will probably be blogged briefly on how I processed it. So thank you for letting me show you and I hope you find it somewhat helpful! + Always feel free to email me personally for more info.

So here’s to my first post!

So the top image has been adjusted in camera RAW. If you shoot in raw, it really helps pull things that you normally can’t with a Jpeg file. Next time, I will print screen what my adjustments were in cameraRAW but the exposure, brightness and contrast were adjusted as needed. The photo was taken with a Canon Rebel T1i and a 50mm f1.4. The settings were 1/320 , f1.8, and iso 100. We were outdoors around 5:30 PM so we had beautiful lighting! I tend to shoot in the evening because I love the dreamy sunlight. In the after photo I wanted to go for a contrasty-vintage feel. I did a lot of dodge and burning, blemish removing, reduced the noise, clone stamping, curves, color balance and added a pink tone set on soft light with opacity at 60%. Below is a screen shot of some of my adjustments made.

I really do hope it helps you.  Either way, thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed my first makeover post!

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