Good afternooon, guys!  I’ve decided make it a habit to do my MM’s in the early morning-afternoon. That way its published early to whomever wants to read it and it’ll make me feel great for blogging for the day ;).

So I decided to edit this photo since my last one was of a fashion/style/etc. session. I just want you all to see how different I edit when working with little clients like this one… This little gal is super special because she’s my first born :). As you can see, she just LOVES the camera. Haha. I love how creative she gets with her facial expressions! With children sessions, I tend to stick with more natural tones and contrasts. Not to mention, Children sessions are one of my most favorite sessions to be apart of – It’s all about capturing the perfect moment with these little ones!! I hope you enjoy this MM & see a diff. side of editing from me :)

What was used / settings:

Canon 5D II – 35mm f2.0

Shutter 1/1600 – Aperture f/2.0 – Iso 160


With all of my images I sharpen the photo, reduce noise and erase areas that may have been blurred out. I take out blemishes and small things that are distracting – in this case, the cement had old oil splatters so I cloned off enough to keep a balance and I took out the neon jacket. I then dodged and burn on areas that I wanted to stand out and adjusted the photo with curves. I turned the contrast up to +15 & I brought out the reds and turned down the blues on curves. Lastly, I made a new layer and filled it in with black and simply masked it to make a vignette surrounding her. I turned that to soft light and set to 25%. I have been using my old PC laptop and print-screened all my shots thinking it would automatically send to my desktop (like my MACbook pro does) but it was a total FAIL. So, my apologies! I hope you enjoy the fun post-process of the day.

Here is a snapshot of the photo adjusted in cameraRAW (Don’t mind the bright blue on the black parts in the picture, it does that on this laptop):


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