\Self note : I am going to try very hard to not forget to blog! For my sake, haha.

I decided to edit a photo from my senior session last summer. I don’t think I used this photo because I didn’t like the ‘look’ of it at the time. With this photo, I really wanted to bring out colors that were already there because the session was shot at the end of summer and there weren’t a lot of colors available to us. So enjoy the bold colors I brought out. Sometimes simple is always best!


Shot with a Canon T1I at 1/320 – f.1.8 – ISO 400


As I normally do – I sharpen to bring out the details, reduce the noise and erase areas that may have been blurred out when I reduced the noise. I worked on any blemishes, discoloring of the face, etc. There wasn’t a lot to remove so I basically just evened out her skin tone by going over it with a brush. I always dodge and burn at this point; bringing out her eyes, hair, cheekbones, darkening things arround her (benches, cement, leaves). I also removed distracting things in the photo. Pretty simple. Next, I work on how I want to bring out the colors. I adjusted the curves to bring more contrast into areas that may have not stood out enough. I also bumped up the contrast up to +15 – as you can tell. I used a gradient map to bring out the oranges/yellows and made the layer soft light at 20%. I also used selective color to bring out the bricks on the building as well as the leaves. Lastly, I felt like it was a little too overpowering for me so I added an adjustment in the exposure and set it to my liking. Wallah :)

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