Ohhhh finally, a day off from work… kind of ;) I have yet to edit a make up tutorial which I am so, so new to but I’m excited to see how it turns out! Anyway, so wow. Another successful MM day! I also think I’m getting better at posting! Excited to show you all a new transformation & trying new things ;)

To start off  I used Mark II / 50mm 1.4 – shot at 1/320, f/1.4, ISO 100.

One thing I wish I remembered to do was to turn my f/stop up a bit. Nonetheless, I thought it was a fabulous shot! We were hoping for a sunny day but it was a rainy morning this past weekend. My sister and my brother in law were soaked by the time we got inside, lol. Sooo… we may be rescheduling for another shoot when the weather looks up!


For most of my photos, I sharpen and reduce noise but it wasn’t as noisy or needing much sharpening. I brightened and turned my contrast up first.  As always, I work on the face.  I always duplicate a layer of the photo so if I need to correct a spot I made a mistake on, I can go back and erase it :). With the face, I work on blemishes, eyes, evening the skin out and removing strands of hair out. I pay very close attention to detail so it bothers me when I see just a teeny strand of hair.

I work my way to curves / dodge and burning. I did a lot of curves with this set because I wanted it to have a subtle vintage tone but not make it too ‘old’ looking;  you will see the layers used in a screen shot I took. I always dodge and burn the cheekbones/eyes for more definition. I did a lot more curve work but I always forget to “print screen” as I tend to merge my layers as I work! I painted the background and spots on the photo several different colors – yellow shades, orange shades, lime green shades. I set those layers to a soft light, vivid light, and lighter color. Note, the brush size was 300px & was set to 12-15% opacity. This is something I never do but I thought I’d give it a go. It looks different but I’m adjusting to it, lol.


Here are some of my layer adjustments!

I hope you enjoyed today’s MM!


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