Warning : There will be loud children in the background playing, you’ll notice many pauses as I edit :p & Please ignore my nervous voice + hms. Ha ha!

I decided to make my ‘first’ video tutorial. Needless to say, it was done at the wrong time of the day as my kids were crazy and anxious for lunch. I did make one last night but it wasn’t quite how I wanted it to look, ha ha. It was definitely a fun way to show you all how I work in photoshop. I think my next one (if I have a next one) will be a skin tutorial… so look out for that next week possibly.


2 thoughts

  1. KEEP MAKING MORE TUTORIALS PLEASE! I’m requesting that you do a tutorial on skin editing! I know you said it was a mess to make this vid because of all the “hmms” but I didn’t notice them and I know you’ll only get better and become a real pro as you go on.

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