But heyyyy, at least I’m only a day late … as I keep telling myself. HA. I’ll also be posting up new blog posts on my recent shoots! Sooo if you’re interested, follow me so you can check out the beautiful ladies!

This song being played is what I listened to while editing this ENTIRE set … I kept it on replay, lol. SO I thought it’d go well with the fast skin tutorial. The video is just for you to get an insight on how I work while editing the face. I did, however, do a tutorial where I showed you step by step, but I didn’t want to bore you with my “hmms”, lol. So fast forward, there are so many other ways to fix the skin and going through YouTube wasn’t an option for me. I find that my own method works best and is fast for me to do when editing. You can use a lot of different tools like the spot healing and healing brush tool too – or if you really want to go crazy, there are “actions” to fix the skin as well!

Photo shot with a Canon Mark II , 50mm 1.4 – sets were at 300-600 shutter speed / 1.4 / ISO 100

When I edit the skin, my go to tools/methods are:

– patch tool

– clone stamp tool

– the fast buttons on my mac “h” and “j”

– burn and dodge for the “T” zone on the face. (Tutorial did not show this step)

One thought

  1. I love what you did there. My technique comes from you, sara kiesling, and sean armento. Of course I have so much more practice ahead of me. Thank you for this video! I wish you kept your voice on it though.

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