I am up editing away but before I go to bed, I wanted to blog a bit about my day. ;)

Today was my day off – I wish I got to relax a bit but I had to clean and start packing because we’re moving to a new house! Bajeebees … I thought I got rid of a lot of my clothes during spring cleaning, ha! I guess I’m sort of a hoarder when it comes to things I can’t part ways w/ … *clears throat*, a pair of tiny jeans that don’t fit me anymore and will never fit me anymore. Haha! I guess I’ll just have to fill the emptiness in my new closet. I also had the pleasure of meeting with a portrait and wedding photographer, Amy Nguyen! She is one of my favorite photographers in town :) honestly and truly – Check out her fan page when you get a chance! I’ll be her second shooter for a wedding and am quite ecstatic. It was so, so nice to chat and connect with her. Counting days till’ then! So after I met up with Amy, I had to go back home to my naughty children and hungry husband, hah. I always have to fix that… but being that I had a long day already… We decided to eat out & besides we have a policy to eat out at least once a month or two. Haha. It’s too bad I filled my belly wit appetizers before I could even get to my main dish that I ordered :( Dang those delicious nachos!

Skip , skip … so now I am editing photos I snapped this evening during a play date w/ my daughter. I enjoy those mother & daughter bonding moments so much… I happen to always have my camera in hand ;) thank goodness. Here are a couple flower shots and a photo of my darling gal.


Btw, do you like my new way of showcasing my work on the internet? I figured I better start making some templates for myself that way it is faster for me.


Ps. She was pooped out by this time and ready for the popsicle I promised.

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