Yea, I’ve been trying to get in on all these cools giveaways because these peeps are awesome! Check out the giveaway Mae’s doing – it ends on the 28th!

Mae's Beauty

I can’t believe it, I hit 250 followers last night; and as promised, here is my first giveaway. Rules are listed below and I will keep the drawing open until Monday, (May 28th) Evening at 7PM EST Winner will be drawn at that time using a Randomizing Website.

This giveaway is open to ALL of my followers, my fellow blog followers, my email followers, my International Followers, etc, This giveaway is a thank you to all of my lovely, loyal, and awesome followers, so it only seems fair that that’s #1 for the Mandatory Rules. :)P

Rules for the Giveaway You can earn up to 10 entries

For all of the rules that say put a comment, please only post ONE comment with all of your entry’s that way it is easier for me to keep track of. Please list your entry’s with the corresponding # for the Entry, (i.e. #1: I follow you under…

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