Since I’ll have more free time to finish up my business course with RB, I will have time to RE-BRAND myself… and go hard. woooooo! Excited to bring who I am out of this ittay bittay shell :)



I think I’m behind on blogging… I say, about 3-4 sets BEHIND to blog! Haaa. That isn’t THAT bad though (shakes my head). I’ve been busy getting orders out and finishing things that have been on the back of my mind for a little more than a few weeks *eeeeek*. School is really busting my butt… but I’m almost done. Thank god. I just started my sociology class and will be finishing up my medical terminology class this Friday! That means more time to focus on finishing up my photography business class with Rachel Brenke, that means blogging… that means editing & READING blog postss! Speaking of the devil, I snuck one in today. I had a chance to read one of Alex Beadon’s blog post (a pretty awesome photographer I admire) about being “good enough” for the world of photography or for ANYTHING you love to do… what does that exactly mean to you? Well… read it yourself and have a little faith.

Check it out here :