What I like to use in posts & definitely abuse:

– Lol = laugh out loud

– ( )

– :)

– ” “

– Any shortcut abbreviations, lol. What about you?!

As I am sitting here at work (my evening job) thinking of what I should write about, a light bulb appears (or so I think)! I’ve been wanting to write about where my passion lies in photography and why I chose lifestyle family + children portraits as my main focus.  In case you’re bored of hearing me talk about non-sense blabberjabbin’ things & want to read what this is all about… read below ;)


– For one, I feel like I connect so well with parents and their child(ren) because I too have my own little family. I can literally sense when and how I should approach each child and their unique personalities. (Would anyone be interested in a post on how I work with children & how to bring out true laughter & smiles?)

– Two, I L.O.V.E capturing the love I see in the eyes of mom, dad and/or child. It’s definitely rewarding for me just knowing that I can bring emotions to the surface… at that moment. & then the heartmelting begins – Just seeing all the laughter, tears of joy and chasing of one another is priceless. This is why.

– Lastly & simply, Its my passion. I like taking the time to get to know each family I work with… Esp. getting to know their children. This is the BEST part because at the end of the session, they are ready to show their true colors and will start giving me the bubbly personalities they have!

So, if you’ve been following me since I started this journey, you know that I’ve come a lonnnnng way. I have grown so much that I’m content but still as eager to learn since day 1. I feel like it was just yesterday that I started photography. FLASHBACK: It was in 2009 that I started wanting to learn more and shoot better photos. I continued to use my point and shoot and did tremendous editing to make it look “pro”. Lol, they weren’t too bad ;) I’m a bit scared to look back at those images, ha! Eventually, I saved as much as I could & purchased an SLR  :-)  I thought I was the coolest newbie photographer in the worlllllld. I guess everyone likes to think they are too when they just purchased a SLR. I’m glad to say those days are over and gone. It is totally different now, I’ve found where my passion lies in photography, my style and am almost at that level where I am comfortable with my business . I know… this is such an odd topic but I thought I’d start out a Nov. post with my ‘baby steps approaches & decisions’ towards success in my business for 2013 and beyond. So hello to my main focus as a lifestyle family, children & wedding photographer. I still LOVE shooting all genres but I want to take only family & children sessions for the rest of 2012 to 2013.

Thanks for being great listeners … and if you didn’t get past the first two sentences, I forgive you – I know it’s a pretty long post ;P

Lots of love!