The life of a photographer.

2013 has been wonderful to me. Juggling family, work, school and my business has been great so far. It is the busiest time of the year but this year I have finally found BALANCE. It is the greatest feeling in the world to not feel burnt out, booked because I was affordable, or just spending quality time with my family with nothing else in mind.

I told myself to set a goal. Goal 1. Well, my main goal is to NOT be a shoot and burn photographer. I want my business to thrive but I also want to have balance. I always felt like I wanted my business to thrive so badly that I would take LEAPS (not baby steps) to get there… I wanted people to see ME. What changed… well, I feel like health and fitness really helped me keep my mind clear and feeling at peace about everything in my life. If you read here I was pretty overwhelmed last year with the amount of shoots I had each month. It was hard finding balance to spend time with my family, while working a part time job and keeping my business in order. I would come home from a shoot feeling worn out yet excited to get sneak peeks out on Facebook, cooking in between for my kids, doing homework, doing daily chores, packaging up orders, sending out orders… it was so hard to juggle because I wanted to be so perfect, a successful business, etc. I told myself I would make a change. It happened. My business is thriving on its own, my schedule consist of a strict time limitation on editing. Not only that, I have clients who contact me who love my work, who love my style and ME. BUT most importantly, my family gets to see me. My family gets to spend TIME with me; we eat together, we laugh together – you know, the normal stuff?! It helps when your spouse is so patient with you and pushes you to continue your passion (I love my husband <3).

I feel like balance is the hardest part of a small business. You put a lot of passion, time, love, sweat, etc. into it but there ALWAYS has to be balance.

Best wishes!