All of last month, I worked hard on putting a welcome packet together for all of my brides (and posting full galleries on my website – almost done with that too). It is super hard figuring out what screams out my style, but I think it looks good so far! What do you think? The only add on would be additional colors that I think will tie up my “style” perfectly and a custom stamp with my logo. I will for sure add a wedding planner for my brides and grooms and a little gift as well :) This one was sent out to my first 2014 bride. Yay!

What’s currently included in my welcome packet are timeline samples, engagement tip sheet, price list, and print & product sheet.

Brown folder: Kraft folder (Amazon)
All paper prints: WHCC.
Paper flower, pearl heart gemstone, washi tape: Hobby Lobby or Michaels
Stamp: Hobby Lobby
Business card:

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