As I stumble across a photographer (a very talented one, at that!) on my Facebook newsfeed (aka, I also stumble across a recent blog post he made. And he says this,

“I’ll tell you this much. One thing I have learned through shooting anything since I started, is that producing any body of work like a wedding is entirely a 50/50 effort. I can only do so much to bring a wedding to life, but I cannot create anything that does not exist. The one constant I aim to maintain is that I give every shoot everything I’ve got. However, photographers are not wizards, as much as I wish that reality was true.”

This was like an “Ah-ha” moment for me. I’ve been wanting to write those exact words but I just couldn’t think of how I could put it into context – so thank you Brian for saying it for me! As much passion and love I have for photography, I can’t force real emotion to surface unless it exists on its own. I find that a lot of times, we (as photographers) visualize what we want to bring out and think we can do exactly that! However, it is like Brian says… a 50/50 effort. Whether it is loosening up a couple, child, family members, etc – they have to be all there with me; enjoy the big/little moments, cherish the time together, etc. I want to capture my clients loving on each other and enjoying the every day chaos that goes on in their homes or together. That is the whole being of “lifestyle” and why I love it so much. I am not the type of photographer who would sit you in front of my camera and tell you to say ‘cheese’.

So, as a reminder to myself… I am not a wizard, I cannot always surface emotions that I am hoping will be there. I will give everything I got. I will stay true to myself.