When I have time on my hands, I’ll plan inspired “personal” shoots to get my visions out there in a different way. BUT I think looking back at past shoots/work always surfaces new inspirations and ideas too! As I was going through my external hard-drive to clean out, I stumbled across this set. I never got to post this set NOR did I ever get to finish editing it! I was so inspired but not only because of the way I shot, the locations, the looks, etc… I remember the passion, the love and excitement I felt that day. I think everyone should sit down and re-focus their passion. I certainly did after seeing this set. & also ask yourself why you are passionate about photography (or your business) – Yes, there are many GREAT artists/photographers out there that inspire me but I don’t get clouded by other artists/photographer’s ‘style’. If you are feeling un-inspired, clouded, or don’t even want to touch your slr. Sit down and re-focus your passion.

I know who I am and my vision. & don’t forget, always go back and look at how far you’ve come :) This is one of the sets I love and enjoy looking back on. Now go out there and shoot, remember your love for what you do, get inspired, be an inspiration, just DO your thing ;) … you’re your own worst critic.

Litha – 2011