Lisa – Maternity

This is my sister.

She is an amazing sister, so much like me, my fitness buddy, budding baker, she loves make up, she loves fashion… Now she’s a mom of two!

This round for her was nothing close to being easy to try for her little Abel. But she faithed it out & I couldn’t be any prouder! I had the pleasure of photographing her during her second pregnancy @ the Stables in the Twin Cities. Totally outside of my comfort zone: “styled sessions”. But I love how they turned out :)

What a cold morning it was though!!! My fingers were so numb but I guess it doesn’t compare to what my sister endured lol (you’ll see why)! She rocked it & we captured flawless photos for her.

Love ya sis!


What a year so far!

Oh myyyyyy gosh! I can’t believe it’s already been another year with my blog! Do you ever have those days where you want to just write down everything that you’ve been up to in the last DAY, MONTH, YEAR?

That’s me right now. I hope all of you have been well! Shoot me a message below with your blog site! I’d love to share some love! If you haven’t recently, follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more of what I’ve been up to! 
Look out for a post of my sisters maternity photos! 💋