I always have a whole list of reasons why I love photography. One of them is becoming friends with my B&G’s. Honestly the biggest reason why I do not take on many every year so I can fully get to know my bride and grooms & how they are together! :-) Sabrina and Brandon happened to also have a very intimate and sweet wedding. YAAS! The Heroff’s are the sweetest peeps ever, if you ever get to meet them, you’re a lucky duck. And how gorgeous are they?!

We started off the morning at the Drury Plaza Hotel for final touch ups of the girls. The sun was hitting all the right spots & bringing in that delicious light in — Seriously could not stop taking photos of these beauties! We then made our way to the Southview Country Club – Sabrina + Brandon opted for a first look so we got a TON of beautiful photos of them in the not so warm fall weather. They totally rocked it through the harsh winds! Some of my favorite parts of the wedding and most weddings (I always cry) – First dances. They not only had the sweetest dances but Sabrina told me from the beginning that they’d be playing a special song in tribute that also made me cry. Yep. Cry baby status lol! Congrats again Sabrina + Brandon! Lots of love!!!



Special song tribute <3

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